Visiting Cochabamba, Bolivia

When analyzing outsourcing options, accessibility to the chosen location should be considered. Cochabamba, Bolivia is not only easily accessible; it also is home to TRUEXTEND’s research and development centers.

Located in central Bolivia, Cochabamba is Bolivia’s third largest city. Cochabamba is also Bolivia’s most economically and socially progressive city. The central part of the city is a built-up commercial district, home to most of the city’s business and commercial industry. The new avenues provide easy access to numerous attractions, including multiple restaurants, hotels, shopping centers and “Cristo de la Concordia” a big Christ in the top of a hill. This is in large contrast to the unpaved roads and adobe homes surrounding the city and is your first impression after leaving the airport. The primary language is Spanish; however, English is largely spoken and understood, especially in the business district.

Travelling to and through the city is quite simple. There are several flights from Miami to Santa Cruz or La Paz, a 6.5-hour flight. Once in Santa Cruz or La Paz, there are daily flights to Cochabamba. You should be aware that there is a new visa requirement for U.S. citizens when entering the city. Time and budget should be accounted for, as this requirement costs $130 per person and lasts for 5 years. Once in the city, Cochabamba has an extensive public transportation system, including buses and taxis.

Cochabamba’s mild climate, beautiful greenery, mountain vistas and progressive economy all contribute to its appeal to local and foreign visitors alike. With daily flights to the city and easy-to-navigate public transportation, Cochabamba is an ideal location for outsourcing.