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Jatun Khasa Expedition sponsored by TRUEXTEND

Tags: Tunari, Marcelo Blanco, Jatun Khasa, Expedition, ADEAC

From April 18th to 22th took part the “Jatun Khasa Expedition” by the local mountaineering association (ADEAC), sponsored by TRUEXTEND; 6 professional climbers from this association: Mauricio Galleguillos, Rodrigo Lobo, Carlos Regalsky, Marcos Gomez, Jose Luis Hurtado and Marcelo Blanco took this challenge that started early in the morning of July 18th.

Jatun Khasa is an imposing vertical rock peak located at the fraction of the Andean Mountain Range that passes through Cochabamba’s territory, 35 km NW from the city; It was never been summited before, not even topographic sheets show any information about its height.

After one failed attempt on 19th because of aggressive weather conditions, the group finally conquered it on the 20th after 7 exhausting hours of climbing from base camp at 4500 masl to the peak at a new confirmed height of 5070 masl, 40 meters higher than the Tunari peak (5030 masl), considered until now the highest peak of the region.

Jatun Khasa Expedition sponsored by TRUEXTEND

Tags: Tunari, Marcelo Blanco, Jatun Khasa, Expedition, ADEAC


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